Common names (selected) English: buckvine, cow itch, peppervine, pepper vine; German: Baumartige Scheinrebe, Baumartige Zaunrebe; Spanish: barrita de playa, parrita de playa (Cuba)

Description: semi-evergreen or deciduous vine or shrub

Native regions and distribution: Native to south-central and southeastern U.S. and Mexico

Urban habitat: commonly found climbing along walls, fences, near streams, roadsides; prefers moist soil but can tolerate drought, thrives in semi-shade or in full sun, frost-tolerant and pest-resistant.

Ecological function: disturbance-adapted colonizer; food for wildlife.

History / human uses: Although native to the US, A. arborea is often considered weedy due to its aggressive and fast-growing habit. It is sometimes planted as an ornamental vine or groundcover in the UK. Its fruit is edible although not widely considered palatable.